Twitter joins conversational commerce race with Direct Messages chatbot

On 1st November, Twitter announced their response to Facebook’s infiltration of the conversational commerce space – Welcome Messages and Quick Replies within Direct Messages. Both are the social media platform’s move to improve customer experience by encouraging conversations between brands and their Twitter followers to take place in the platform.
By instigating conversations with their followers in a space they feel comfortable (Direct Messages), brands are able to educate their followers about the best ways of communicating, before those conversations start.
Welcome messages ‘let businesses greet people and set expectations as they enter a Direct Message conversation – without requiring the brand to manually send the first message’. These messages can contain deep links that refer to a specific tweet, website or app.
Quick replies either give the user a list of options or guide ‘users to enter specific text values’.
Used together, the two help to set user expectations, inform followers of best ways to contact the brand and reduce the time spent waiting for customer service replies.
This move shows that Twitter are responding to how consumers and brands use their platform. According to Twitter, the platform sees ‘more than 80% of customer service requests on social’. The majority of consumers tweet brands when issues arise with their order. This move gives brands the opportunity to take control of these relationships and create a positive experience from the start.
It also gives Twitter a point of difference – acting as a customer service channel rather than a commerce portal.
They already have some big brand buy-in – Spotify, Tesco, Pizza Hut, Evernote and Airbnb are all using the chatbot already.
This just goes to show even communication solutions that are outside websites and the traditional marketing stack are releasing new features that encourage inbound conversations.
Conversational commerce will drive brands to choose solutions that empower their consumers with new ways they can connect with the brand on a 1:1 level. 2017 will be the year inbound trumps outbound.


Freespee have a channel agnostic approach to conversations brands have with customers and prospects.
We provide our customers with a software layer that sits between your customers and every inbound conversational interface across:
  • Calls (voice)
  • SMS (text)
  • Forms (text)
  • App messages (text)
Freespee is an interface agnostic solution that offers marketers one platform so they can be at the centre of their customers conversations… where they should be.
To find out more, contact us to schedule a demo.

EADP conference in Prague

Mattias is meeting with some of the largest directory services at the EADP conference in Prague. He is keeping us updated every once and then by posting voice blogs on Talky, the voice micro blog service we are soon about to release. It is a great experience to follow him that way.
And Tuesday was a great day for Freespee, I will tell your more about that in a couple of weeks.

Thieves seek victims online

“Thiefs seek up victims online” is the headline of an article featured today at
In july many people will have a well-deserved vacation and maybe go on a holiday trip. With the transparence that comes with online activites such as twittering and blogging it’s a fact that thiefs now has the possibility to seek up their victims online. The article shows that the number of  burglarys in homes has increased in Stockholm county.
Freespee is a service where you can get a temporary phonenumber to use in all occasions you don’t want to expose your home- or mobilephone-number. By using Freespee you see to that thiefs can’t use your phonenumber to find out your name, and finally your home address. – Freespee can help you keep the burglars away.