A Few Brand New Additions To Freespee’s App Gallery!

Hello again! Just wondering if you have had the time to test the new apps Sizmek, Kenshoo and Millennial Media that I wrote about last month. Our development team has been working hard again and that means more interesting and new apps have been added to our existing list. Presenting the Freespee apps for Adform and Webtrends!

Adform – Enhance Adform’s multi-screen display advertising ability with phone call data provided by the Freespee app. Freespee eliminates the blind spot, that is created when online visitors arising from Adform ads decide to call. By activating the app, Freespee captures phone call data for visitors coming from Adform and sends it back, attached to the campaign ID – just like form submissions or clicks. Adform is able optimise its campaigns better because of precise and complete data for customer interactions that includes web to voice events as well.

Webtrends – Enhance your customer’s online experience further by including data for phone calls using the Freespee app for Webtrends. How? Simply by activating the Freespee app for Webtrends. Freespee sends phone call metrics back to Webtrends to complete the data for all customer interactions, just like clicks and form submissions, for better segmentation and targeted online marketing. Base your decisions on complete conversion data and achieve higher levels of personalised targeting by understanding the offline behaviour of your online visitors.

Please visit our support page to get more details on how to activate the apps for Adform and Webtrends. Also look at our existing list of Freespee Apps that will help your tools make better data driven decision. If you would like to see an app that you are using on the Freespee list of apps, then email us on and we would be more than glad to help you.