Freespee Customer Story


“Freespee offers the perfect solution to tie the online with offline as our type of customers tend to call for complex medical condition policies.”
"AllClear is one of the top travel insurance companies in the UK, specialised in insurance cover for people with existing medical conditions, especially in their 50s.

One of the issues we had, as many other businesses have, was to link the impact of online to offline conversions.

Our customers tend to call for complex medical condition insurance policies and we have identified these types of customers in the past with Freespee so it was the perfect solution to tie the online with offline.

Initially we had a first meeting to explain our business goals to Freespee. From that initial contact we worked quite closely with the Freespee team to work out plan of how to implement Freespee on AllClear's website.

Once everything had been approved, we moved into the integration process. This is usually where I feel that there are more challenges, but actually with the expertise that we have in-house and as well as Freespee’s technical expertise it was done really smoothly.

Actually, I can say that this process has been probably one of the easiest I have experienced in my professional life - integrating such a complex tool like Freespee and with the big value it proved to our company.

We use Freespee for the customers who have not converted or that have abandoned the call. By identifying the high value customers, existing or not, we can then decide to optimise at the particular campaigns.

I would say a few things, first of all is that this is really a talented company and the service we've got from the Freespee point of contact is incredible.

Things have been done really fast and it has helped us, technically.

We are quite advanced in our company so it's really good to see when Freespee and AllClear are talking to each other and things are going much faster - I have seen this as an issue in the past.

The technology is really complex but it's presented in a way that is really user friendly, so that's really helpful as well.

Our customers are not going to see any changes and this is something that will bring value to them.

Internally, Freespee has been used and embraced by many departments so actually it is company adopted - we're talking about IT, we're talking about the call centre, the marketing team. Every single team has actually embraced Freespee."