Freespee Customer Story | Anticimex

Anticimex: “We have gained deeper insights into our digital customer journey”

The international pest control company chooses Freespee to drive digital transformation, resulting in a 77% increase in call-through rate.
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Call Through Rate (CTR)


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Increase in calls vs forms filled out on the campaign landing page

“After implementing Freespee we have gained deeper insights in our digital customer journey and a much better understanding of which part of our digital budget actually drives leads. Those insights have brought us to the next level in terms of digital marketing maturity.”

Head of Marketing and Communication

Freespee Customer Story | Anticimex

The Challenge

The Swedish pest control giant is undergoing a period of digital transformation. Their current challenge is to bring a positive customer experience to over 2.9 million retail and commercial clients, in over 17 countries worldwide.

Anticimex has a split customer base, who have different service requirements and different budgets. Its commercial customers require pest control, building environment and hygiene and food safety services which are often highly regulated. Private home-owners require pest control services on a smaller scale to ensure healthy homes. Anticimex needed its customers, no matter their location, whatever their request, to access the right services in the fastest way, in their area.

In order to attract their target customers across their regions, the brand was aware that it needed to leverage greater targeting capabilities for its paid media campaigns. Anticimex needed to understand the digital context of each visitor – exactly why they were visiting the site, where they came from, and why they ultimately contacted the brand. With rich contextual data, they could target the customer who truly wanted to buy.

As with any business, Anticimex wanted to ensure it was not wasting budget, particularly for its search marketing campaigns. The marketing team were aware that their PPC campaigns were driving calls but were unsure which campaign and which target audience was the most successful. In order to hone audience targeting and budget efficiency, they needed to accurately attribute campaigns to calls.

Freespee Customer Story | Anticimex

The Solution

Anticimex knows that 86% of their prospects convert during the research phase. The majority of these convert on product pages rather than the ‘Contact Us’ page, so it was a priority to ensure Freespee’s unique-to-visitor dynamic phone numbers were clearly visible on each page.

Freespee’s Google AdWords integration allows this conversation data to be fed into Anticimex’s PPC campaigns, serving to improve optimisation and targeting. Additionally, by integrating inbound keyword searches into Freespee’s Conversation Cloud, Anticimex was able to identify the highest value prospects.
Freespee also built an interim solution that automatically pushes call data into the platform. This data can be viewed by relevant teams (sales, account management or support) so employees could proactively identify leads without having to first check their CRM, resulting in rewarding conversations with consumers.
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Freespee Customer Story | Anticimex

The Results

Anticimex’s knowledge of its customer’s journey has dramatically improved.

The brand understands that 86% of prospects convert on the same day that they start their research. The majority of successful conversions happen via the phone, making this the most valuable acquisition channel.

Anticimex needed to make it easier for customers to call its branches. The majority of callers do so from local area or specific product (e.g. ‘Pest Control’) pages rather than the ‘Contact Us’ page, so it was a priority to ensure Freespee’s unique- to-visitor dynamic phone numbers were clearly visible on each page.

As a result, Anticimex’s call through rate (CTR) has increased by 77%.

Freespee was tasked with driving higher value calls (more than one minute in duration) from paid media campaigns.

By integrating inbound keyword searches into Freespee’s customer conversation platform, Anticimex was able to identify the language used by highest value prospects.

The Freespee Google AdWords integration allows additional conversation data to be fed into Anticimex’s PPC campaigns, serving to improve optimisation and targeting.

This strategy has resulted in a 50% increase in calls versus forms filled out on the campaign landing page.

Anticimex’s journey through digital transformation required a major focus on their customer’s experience and the Freespee customer communication platform has been integral to that transformation.

Across multiple markets, Freespee’s Advanced Assignment feature has used visitor segmentation and predefined workflows to automatically route inbound phone calls.

In Finland, visitor’s calls are routed to local sales teams based on the city page they are calling from.

Anticimex Australia, after acquiring a competitor and adding the Freespee JavaScript, serves phone CTAs that dynamically route calls to an Anticimex team trained to handle these enquiries. Anticimex Sweden have been keen to prioritise callers from the company’s most valuable product – Anticimex Smart – an intelligent around the clock pest control system. To ensure this happens, Anticimex Sweden automatically routes calls to a crack team of service and sales agents.

To ensure these super high value callers are never lost, Anticimex Sweden enabled Freespee’s dropped call notifier feature. Sales agents now receive an email every time that a call was missed. These emails include contextual information about the caller – including source, time and date of call. In this way, the brand improves sales efficiency and ensures customers feel valued and do not turn to a competitor.

Anticimex initially employed Freespee to drive digital transformation in Sweden. The customer communication platform’s success in improving sales efficiency, enhancing the customers call experience and proving the value of digital marketing budgets has resulted in Freespee being rolled out across the globe, in 11 markets. The partners continue to prove the value of a phone conversation to a brand’s growth.