Freespee Customer Story


“[By implementing Freespee Talk] there's absolutely some savings. If we wouldn’t have gone with Freespee we would have needed to invest in a new PBX”
"My name is Jeanette McGuinness and I'm the Customer Director for Carglass in Sweden. We are the leading provider of vehicle glass repair and replacements.

We saw that if we would have more information about what the customer had been doing online (rather than isolated data), by looking at the phone call we could actually give the customer a better service. With 'information gathering' all the data that we get from the customers, we could then see what changes we needed to make on our website. For example, in order to give the customer a better service online, if we have a history with this customer, we can see if they've called us before or if they've been on the web before we've sent them an SMS. With Freespee all of that information comes up as [they call us], our customer experience experts answer the phone and they can see all of this information.

This was an idea that came up a couple of years ago. We were saying [to Freespee] that you already track our calls, why then can you not also make sure that we answer them in your platform? By implementing Freespee Talk were able to stop using our traditional PBX, so now we have all the call distribution through Freespee Talk instead. In terms of cost, there's absolutely some savings. If we wouldn’t have gone with Freespee we would have needed to invest in a new PBX.

Our services have definitely improved and if we look at the comments that we have back from our customers, they think it's very easy to book with us. It’s a seamless journey as well. That’s the proof of it. The net promoter score for Carglass globally is over 80 percent and we are around there in Sweden as well. Getting that feedback from our customers is really a receipt that we are doing something really well and without Freespee I don't think we would have been there today.

I think when you mention that it's been eight years that we've been working with a company it does say something. The support is really friendly and the team is very quick, exactly what we try to give our customers. In terms of that, it should be easy and fast. That's something that Freespee is quite unique with and I don't think I've seen any other company out there offering what Freespee offers today with the seamlessness between website and the conversations on the phone."