Freespee Workflow Builder data sheet

When customers call you, they have a specific task to complete. They want to buy a product, make an appointment, ask a question... whatever their task is, they hope to get it done quickly and easily.

Workflow Builder gives you the control to design and adapt your own processes in minutes, without technical assistance. Create intelligent communication processes that are tailored to your customer segments and languages, to deliver the best customer experience and accelerate sales.

Avoid bad customer experiences.

Don't make your customers wait.
Don't make them repeat themselves.
Don't treat them all the same.

Take control over the buying journey. Prioritise sales-ready callers

Identify high-value callers as soon as they reach out to you. When a prospect calling from your latest campaign or a high-value page or product is missed send a personalised follow up SMS to keep the communication flowing. Additionally, notify a select group of agents of the missed opportunity so they can act upon it immediately.

Decide what action will trigger the workflow - a call that is missed or answered - and define the criteria to identify and segment your audience, such as the URL they were calling from or any custom criteria you want to collect from the website.

For example, as a real estate company ensure calls from properties over a specific price tag are immediately notified to senior management. As a dealership, notify your sales team when a call is missed for a specific car model.

React to changing customer behaviour immediately

Leverage every phone lead by chaining multiple actions within your workflow so every scenario is considered and you deliver a great experience throughout. For example, if a customer rates a call experience poorly, automatically notify an agent to call back the prospect and address the issue quickly.

Increase stickiness. Engage with your audience on their terms

Decide how you want to communicate with your customers and agents.

Workflow Builder enables you to personalise every call experience and make it specific to the regional area you are operating in.

For example, improve call through rates by displaying local contact numbers. Increase customer engagement and get closer to your audience by sending follow up texts in their native language, based on the language on the website they accessed.

Master the customer journey.

Gain access to data that analyses precisely how each workflow impacts customer journeys. Understand in detail the behaviour and experience for different customer segments. Continuously improve workflows and measure the effectiveness of those changes.

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