How many leads are simply driving to your competitors?

Dealership groups must take advantage of the accelerated shift towards digital sales, while offering customers a seamless brand experience.

For automotive websites in Europe, more than 65% are mobile visitors. Communication channels with dealerships are also undergoing significant transformations. How are you adapting to this for customers that expect a premium experience and to contact you in their preferred way?

Customers expect to be able to contact you in their preferred way. However there are typically several break points in their consumer journey:
  • Forms for test drives are often a struggle and only 10% complete them
  • Call backs to Forms can be inconsistent
  • Customers 2.5x more likely to call yet this is a complete blind spot

The demand for customers to WhatsApp to the dealer is growing, with video calls and tours also digitising sales steps.

We see high performing brands transforming consumer journeys by asking themselves challenging questions:

  • How many leads are not getting the premium customer experience?
  • How many times do they have to try and contact you?
  • How many sales are being impacted by this? What are your blind spots in the customer experience?

We’re on a mission to help you capture every lead and build conversational sales experiences that fuels growth. Get in touch to find out how Dealership Groups and Freespee are working together today and what that would deliver for you.

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