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Integrate voice calls and SMS into your applications

The human voice is a highly effective sales tool. Embrace phone calls and integrate them into your business processes to increase sales, enhance customer loyalty and make your business more efficient.

Customers are calling your business every day to ask questions and buy your products. Unfortunately, too many companies treat incoming calls as a nuisance in today’s digital world and so customers get a frustrating experience.

Assemble powerful applications and business workflows by combining data from every customer touchpoint on Freespee Platform. Enhance your existing systems by integrating your websites and mobile apps with phone calls and SMS, as well as your third party applications.


freespee sdk

Extensive possibilities

Gain deeper insight by combining data from every touchpoint to see the big picture over time and for each prospect in real-time. Build dynamic workflows to streamline and optimise the sales process for your customers and agents.
freespee sdk

Design the processes that are the best for your business, for example:

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Show the sales person what product they are looking at, current availability and any recommended upsells.


If a call is missed, send a re-enagement SMS inviting the caller to schedule a convenient time for the seller to call back and add to calendar.

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In a marketplace mobile app, let buyers and sellers speak to each other without having to reveal real phone numbers.


Send a reminder SMS, email or notification before the scheduled call time. At scheduled time, call the seller then connect them to the original caller.


Record all calls for security and compliance. Randomly add 1 in 10 recordings to a slack channel for monitoring.

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If a call originates from your web chat, route the call to the specific agent they were speaking to.

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If a call from a high-value prospect is missed, send agent and their manager an urgent SMS and Whatsapp message.

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If the call is from a recognised customer, route the call to the best agent and open the customer record within the CRM.


Rapid integration

Freespee Platform is cloud-based so you can implement in just a few days. From your browser, configure the workflows you want to use and grab the JavaScript snippets to add to your website.


Now you can rapidly add powerful VoIP and texting capabilities to your websites, enterprise applications and mobile apps:

RESTful API for developers integration with web and enterprise applications.

Software development kits for mobile developers enhancing your Android and iOS apps.

Prebuilt integrations for leading CRM, marketing and analytics softwares.

Experienced consultants who can deliver bespoke integrations or add their expertise to your project teams.

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