Freespee Platform

Identify and understand potential revenue gaps

Freespee Platform will help you visualise the entire customer journey, online and offline, as well as attribute revenue to marketing campaigns.
freespee data studio

freespee DATA STUDIO

freespee data studio

Turn big data into actionable business insights

Visualise the entire customer buying journey. Identify now revenue opportunities.

Connect revenue to every stage in the customer journey, including every online and offline interaction with your brand.

Combine data from your siloed sales and marketing tools into one platform, giving you a simple view of customer interactions.

Measure sales performance, optimise marketing expenditure and gain buyer insights to identify revenue gaps.

Freespee dashboard

Monitor the performance of your marketing activities in real-time

Personalise your dashboard to show the most relevant data for your business objectives and the job you need to get done.
freespee dashboard night view
  • Compare performance within your business or across your sales partners.
  • Spot trends in caller’s behaviour.
  • Identify and quantify missed opportunities.
  • Analyse the steps leading to a purchase.
  • Compare marketing performance between channels and sources.
  • See which lead types are driven by which campaigns.
  • See the entire customer journey across all your systems (Google Analytics, Optimizely, Salesforce, Tealium…)
  • Send buying signals from calling visitors to your marketing tools.
  • Accurately attribute all leads, not just your online leads.

Freespee offline conversion import

Understand where your revenue is coming from

Close the loop in the customer buying journey. Attribute sales revenue and other important milestones such as test drives, property viewing appointments or candidate CVs to every lead.

Get perceptive insights into buyer behaviour and the performance of your sales and marketing processes.

See the monetary value of missed opportunities and find new opportunities for your business to grow.

Optimise sales by sending reconciled data to Google Analytics to understand which marketing campaigns drive revenue.

If you came here from ‘close the loop’ in the Freespee Sales Acceleration Suite, you may now want to learn how to fix the last revenue gap and learn how to become customer centric. Otherwise, read on for the rest of the Freespee Platform features.

Freespee speech analytics

Convert your caller's spoken words into text and automatically tag calls

Configure keywords that are vital to your business to categorise different types of calls (for example, sales or support calls) to achieve more accurate lead attribution. Analyse transcribed text to understand buyer's intent and fine-tune your customer's journey.

Step 1

Segment your audience based on visitors online behaviour.

Step 2

Define the call categories you want to collect.

Step 3

Assign keywords to each call category.

Step 4

Voice AI transcribes and runs text analysis to understand the intent of the call.

Step 5

Calls are attributed based on category matching. Missed opportunities are attributed based on the segment they come from.

Step 6

Call data can be automatically transferred to third party tools in an actionable format.


Create audience segments based on call categories

Prioritise and encourage the calls that generate revenue

Reduce low-value calls through improved marketing messaging


Identify the type of leads your campaigns are driving

Assess lead quality and verify the quality of sales conversations

Tailor marketing messaging to reflect your prospects' needs

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