Freespee Sales Acceleration Suite

Address revenue gaps throughout your customer's journey

Freespee Sales Acceleration Suite turns website visitors into engaged leads with a set of advanced lead management tools to increase conversion and ROI.
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revenue gap

Inefficient marketing

Optimise Marketing Campaigns

  • Identify the campaigns that drive website visits and high-quality leads.
  • Gain accurate insights into your buyer personas and adjust marketing messaging accordingly.
  • Optimise marketing investment based on campaign performance.

revenue gap

Ineffective Call To Action (CTA)

Improve lead generation

  • Increase the volume of high-quality callers.
  • Improve calling experience and reduce friction.
  • During peak times, let buyers schedule a callback instead of risking losing their call.

revenue gap

Frustrating call centre menus

Route calls intelligently

  • Create different call routing workflows based on the caller's digital context.
  • Identify and prioritise high-value leads.
  • Reduce abandonment and improve customer experience by quickly connecting callers to the right agents.

revenue gap

Busy agents

Recover opportunities

  • Gain visibility over all missed opportunities.
  • Automate lead follow-up and improve the buying experience.
  • Move from cold-calling to easy re-engagement by giving agents the insights on the missed opportunity.

revenue gap

No caller context

Prepare agents to sell

  • Show agents the caller's online journey activity before the call is answered.
  • Enable more targeted, efficient sales conversations.
  • Deliver better customer experience keeping conversations focused and on point.

revenue gap

Siloed systems

Ensure all leads are followed up

  • Create seamless communication experiences from marketing campaigns to web pages and phone calls.
  • Tailor experiences for each customer based on their position in the sales process and the segment they are associated with.
  • Show customers you value them by sending personalised messages after interactions with your brand.

revenue gap

Disconnected data

Close the loop

  • Accurately attribute leads to revenue by mapping the entire customer journey.
  • Assign expected value to missed opportunities based on historical data.
  • See which campaigns are driving revenue and which products are performing best.

revenue gap

Fragmented customer journey

Become customer-centric

  • Deliver the level of experience your customers want.
  • Proactively invite customers to rate their experience after every touchpoint.
  • Immediately react to unhappy customers. Show you value their opinion and turn them into happy customers.

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