Freespee Workflow Builder

Freespee Workflow Builder helps you easily design smart, automated communication processes within minutes. Respond to your customers in a more personalised way, based on their specific intent. Provide a seamless customer experience and keep communications flowing — even when your agents are unavailable.
Freespee Workflow Builder

Target the audience that matters most to you.

Segment customers and identify buying intent for your most promising prospects. Determine why they are calling you based on their browsing history, lead source, and the specific webpage they are calling from.

Take appropriate action based on customer intent.

Freespee Workflow Builder enables you to create, update, and design automated and personalised processes within minutes. Be agile, respond quickly to unexpected changes in call volumes or agent availability. You are in full control, with no need to wait for IT or service providers to make configuration changes.
Freespee Workflow Builder Characters

Your customers. Their way.

Tailor the customer experience for each audience segment in each geographical area. Use the most convenient local phone numbers, message contents, and languages for emails and SMS text messages.

Master the customer journey.

Gain access to data that analyses precisely how each workflow impacts customer journeys. Understand in detail the behaviour and experience for different customer segments. Continuously improve workflows and measure the effectiveness of those changes.