Improve your lead generation efforts by encouraging your website or app visitors to start a conversation

Freespee Smart CTA - Schedule a call
Freespee Smart CTA - Booking Screen

Make your call to action (CTA) more engaging

Freespee Smart CTA creates dynamic, personalised CTAs that generate more leads and improve lead quality.

Personalise the buyer experience

Add greeting messages based on the caller’s digital context.

Configure CTA options, for example different messages outside business hours or during peak times.

Customise the CTA to match your branding and fully integrate within your websites.

Streamline the call experience

Give prospects the option to request a callback.

During peak times, reduce call volumes by only offering callback as an option to contact.

Limit callback appointments to fit agent availability.

Manage customer expectations

Display call booking confirmation once the customer has confirmed their callback time.

Freespee automatically connects the call at the scheduled time.

Freespee Smart CTA - Call booked

Now that you know how to improve your lead generation efforts with Freespee Smart CTA, learn how to route calls intelligently, so you can solve frustrating call centre menus for your customers.

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