Improve conversion rates by providing your sales teams with the caller's contextual data when they need it most

Recover opportunities | FREESPEE NOTIFIER

Inform your sales teams as soon as a call is missed and attempt to maximise sales opportunities

Automatically notify agents by email when an opportunity is missed, giving them context around the missed opportunity so they can re-engage prospects faster. Provide lead score information to help your teams manage their sales opportunities.
Freespee Call Notifier

Recover Opportunities | Freespee Call Recovery

Callers are impatient. 40% of leads hang up during the first 60 seconds

Frustrating interactive voice response (IVR) systems and long wait times are driving your leads away. Most companies have no way of recovering these missed opportunities.

Improve sales conversion rates by attempting to recover every missed opportunity


Keep communications consistent throughout the customer's entire journey


Enhance customer experience by showing you care about the opportunity to sell to callers

Now that you know how to recover missed sales opportunities with Freespee Notifier and Freespee Call Recovery, learn how to prepare call centre agents to sell by giving them the full context of the call before they speak to the customer.

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