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Automatically follow-up on leads

Prevent hard-earn leads from going to waste. Attempt to recover every missed opportunity and unlock greater revenue potential.

30% of leads received are never followed up

Even when sales teams can see the phone numbers for missed and abandoned calls they cannot identify the valuable ones. And they definitely don't have time to call them all back.

As you add more digital and analogue channels, new technologies and new teams, the likelihood of leads falling between the cracks increases exponentially.

Let your customers know you care

Your sales teams and sales network must manage inbound and outbound communications across separate channels.

By automating part of the process and responding to customer enquiries quickly, you can ensure your customers know you appreciate them and they won't turn to a competitor.

Automatically follow up on leads with Freespee



Integrate all your communications technologies so you see the complete picture - with no gaps.​



Check that every lead is followed up by your sales teams quickly.​



Predefine follow up processes to suit your business. Add automatic steps to ensure communication flows.​

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