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Call tracking & media attribution

Understand which marketing campaigns drive phone calls and how much revenue they generate. Freespee shows unique phone numbers to each visitor, connecting their calls to their entire buying journey
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Over 53% of consumers use their phone to contact brands.

During the buying process, the customer switches between online and offline an average of 4 times.

To optimise your marketing campaigns, you need to see how they impact the entire customer journey. Without tying customer phone calls to their online journey, you cannot keep improving your campaign targeting and efficiency.
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Are your marketing efforts as efficient as they could be?

Effective marketing teams don't just generate leads. They generate high-quality leads at a low acquisition cost.

To do this, marketers need access to as much data as possible. Freespee Platform gives you the insights you need to deliver the very best leads to your sales team, for the lowest cost.

Attribute all media and revenue with Freespee


Visualise your customers

Discover which of your marketing campaigns are driving calls - connect and visualise the entire customer journey from activity on your website, to other sites, to the phone and in store.

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Attribute ALL leads to revenue

Connect leads to source, medium, and campaign data. Then connect sales outcomes and revenue to optimise marketing investments.

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Know your audience

Build audience profiles with browsing history, call activity, location and acquisition source/medium (right down to display or PPC campaign creative.)​

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