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Improve customer satisfaction

Happy customers are loyal customers - but how do you know what they feel if you don't ask them? Feedback should be collected at every customer touchpoint, to stay on top of your game.
freespee improved-customer-satisfaction-fragmented-customer-journey

What do you want to do | Improve customer satisfaction

freespee improved-customer-satisfaction-fragmented-customer-journey

Fragmented customer journey

Your prospects are looking for convenience and amazing service. They don't care about your company's systems and processes. Every time they contact you online, and on the phone, they expect you to know everything they have already told you.

What do you want to do | Improve customer satisfaction

Conversations with friction

When a customer has submitted a form, or spoken to a sales person, or had a web chat, they expect you to have that information stored. Ask anyone to keep repeating themselves and you'll annoy them quickly.

All too often, customers find companies make the buying experience frustrating and painful. So they buy elsewhere.

improve customer satisfaction with freespee


All communication channels

Combine information from every touchpoint. Provide a seamless customer experience online and offline.​


Save time

When you know what your customers want to buy, you can quickly move the sale forward.​



Focus on the customer experience. Ask them to rate their experience and reach out if they are unhappy.​

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