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Optimise sales calls

Your sales teams are working hard to close deals, but you know that they can do better. Support their efforts by giving them as much information as possible about the caller, before the call happens.
freespee optimise-phone-unknown-caller
freespee optimise-phone-unknown-caller

84% of consumers say it is very important they are treated as a person not a number

At the start of every call, your sales agents must spend time finding out what type of call this is, who the caller is, which product they are interested in and their previous interactions with your company.

The longer this takes and the more times you make them repeat themselves, the greater the friction. It is annoying for prospects and reduces the time agents spend selling.

Who is on the other end of the phone?

The phone rings. Your sales teams have no idea if this will be a time-waster, a loyal customer, a VIP or a hot new lead.

If you could show your agents this information before the call starts, their conversations could be more productive and your customers would feel like a person, not another number.

Optimise sales calls with Freespee

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Show your sales agents why this customer is calling, what they are interested in and when they called before. Prepare agents before they even answer the call.​



Help sales agents have calls that are more engaging for their prospects. Reduce friction by making phone calls a streamlined experience for both customers and sales teams.​



Let your sales agents classify calls, record sales outcomes and add notes. Use this valuable data to improve future conversations with this caller and develop your customer insight.​

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