Maximise the value of your Freespee projects

Leverage best practices and consultant's practical experience to ensure quick, successful implementations that suit your business objectives.

Maximise Value

Consultants help you make the most of Freespee Platform and Freespee Sales Acceleration Suite by showing you new possibilities; configuring and integrating Freespee to suit your processes.


Best Practices

Learn from similar projects in your industry by leveraging experienced consultants. Transfer knowledge to your team and ensure the success of your Freespee implementation.


Faster Outcomes

Add expert consultants to your project who can focus on Freespee aspects and bring your team up to speed quickly. Save time and start realising the business benefits sooner.


Freespee professional services can support your business, no matter the objectives

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Capture the relevant data from your systems and your analytics tools from every step in the customer journey. Connect data from the important customer touchpoints and calculate the metrics that provide actionable insight for your business.

Turn your customer’s spoken words into data. Create systematic processes to automatically categorise calls. Develop insight into customer behaviour and intent, and flag up specific calls for follow-up.

Connect data on sales outcomes, like revenue, from your systems back to the marketing campaigns that created those leads. Understand which lead sources and steps in your sales process are really driving commercial success.

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