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Attribute all revenue

The aim of any customer is to sell more and better. Use data to visualise every step of the customer journey, online and offline. Confidently see how and where you are generating revenue and how to optimise efforts to improve results.

Optimisation for the sake of optimisation?

Driving more and more clicks, page views, phone calls, form completions... all seems valuable. It keeps your sales teams busy and makes your marketing analytics 'look good' but are these the prospects you really want?

If you can't tie your actual sales data back to the phone calls and the marketing campaigns that drove these calls, you cannot know which sales and marketing activities make you the most money.

Attribute 100% of revenue to online and offline conversions

Today you can see website visits, revenue, leads, phone calls, sales appointments... but on their own. These islands of data only give fragments of the whole story.

Attribute all revenue with freespee


Revenue drivers

Follow the entire customer journey step-by-step from marketing campaigns to completing the sale. See which campaigns are really driving your revenue.​


Quantify missed opportunities

Calculate the expected value for every step in the customer journey. See how much those missed calls are really costing you.​



Discover which campaigns, which types of leads and which steps in the sales process are most valuable - and where there are problems.​

Attribute revenue to every step in the customer journey by closing the loop.

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