Freespee For Sales & Marketing

Connect every step of your customer's buying journey

Analyse customer behaviour, improve conversion rates and optimise marketing efforts using all Freespee data available to you.
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Visualise the experience of every customer journey.

Build data-rich visitor profiles using call activity, browsing history, acquisition source and media data (right down to display creative or PPC campaign.)

Extract keywords from phone conversations to categorise, classify and qualify your leads and understand the type of leads you are generating.

Call tracking & analytics

The average customer's buying journey involves visiting different websites and social media channels, reading peer reviews, calling the company, booking appointments and visiting a physical retail shop. Freespee collects data from multiple customer touchpoints in one place for granular analysis and reporting.

Marketing & Revenue Attribution

Avoid blindly spending marketing budget on campaigns that are not generating the expected return on investment.

Identify which campaigns are driving leads and which are generating revenue.

Connect leads to channels, media and lead sources to assess performance and calculate the cost per acquisition

Integrate Freespee Platform with your CRM to accurately connect revenue to leads.

Identify revenue leakage points

Many of your hard-earned leads are wasted instead of converted.

Measure the performance of all the customer touchpoints in their buyer journey – your campaigns, your website, the different call to actions, as well as your sales agents.

Connect value to every missed opportunity based on where in the customer journey they are.

Identify business opportunities and automatically attempt to recover every lead.


Increase conversion

Optimise your customer's landing page experience using conversion data collected by Freespee Platform from high-value customers.


Prioritise callers

Use audience segmentation and predictive routing to prioritise high-value leads in the call queue, helping you to reach sales objectives faster.


Sales acceleration

Accelerate sales by removing friction in their call experience and tailor the customer journey for each audience group.

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