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Give your high-value customers the VIP treatment they deserve, with advanced audience segmentation and call routing workflows.
Freespee Segmentation
freespee smart-call-routing

26% of all calls directed to a call centre menu drop within 60 seconds

As you grow your business, your sales teams may not be able to cope with the sheer volume of incoming calls.

So, for efficiency, it is natural to automate the routing of all inbound leads. However, with customers becoming increasingly impatient, presenting them with automated messages that cause friction instead of with an agent voice can lead them to just hang up.
freespee smart-call-routing

Customers are tired of endlessly frustrating call centre menus - let's get rid of them.

Customers want to speak to you quickly. But instead of the friendly voice of one of your agents, they are presented with a complex series of options to reach the right agent.

Try routing callers to your agents directly, based on specific behaviour that is important to your business, such as a particular product or service page, without forcing them through an endless call centre menu.
Freespee Predictive Routing

Route calls the smart way with Freespee


Segment audiences

Identify your leads and create different audience segments based on where they are coming from - source, channel, geolocation and more.​



Prioritise high-value callers in the call queue or route them you your best agents first so you don't lose the revenue you value most. ​


Reduce dropped calls

Remove friction by automatically routing calls to the right agent, for example, if you have product specialists or to separate sales and support calls.​

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